Digital Artist/ Animator | Digital Assistant | Filmmaker & Editor

This Must Be The Place

Hope Street Limited Emerging Artists Programme nurtures the true talent that needs to be developed. As a Digital Artist/ Animator the EAP 2014 has provided me with multiple collaborative opportunities with artists from various disciplines. Therefore, I have another avenue to explore, which Hope Street played a part of. To date I have participated in four theatrical productions - Sense and Sustainability, Spring Heeled Jack, Race Against Time and This Must Be The Place. Allowing me to develop animation for non-traditional digital art viewers. Taking me out of my comfort zone of the gallery setting and into the public sphere of theatre, I have developed valuable site-specific skills on the programme. Performance of This Must Be The Place 17/10/2014 Role of Digital Artist/ Animator Visuals and Curation of: iPad Drawing: This Must Be The Place (Birds Leaving) iPad Drawing: This Must Be The Place (Birds Coming Home) iPad Drawing: This Must Be The Place (Installation) This Must Be The Place - Poster Artwork This Must Be The Place - Performance Film I?ve discovered a new passion for collaborative projects in theatre and fully intend to pursue such projects in the future.

Spring Heeled Jack

SPRING HEELED JACK A carnival of performance, music and puppets in Everton Park. Working with up to 12 local community groups, lead artists - including Suitcase Ensemble, Dave Young and Liz Walker - will use the legend of the Victorian bogeyman, Spring Heeled Jack, to explore local history and traditions of oral storytelling. 31/08/14

Sense and Sustainability

Hope Street Ltd presents: SENSE & SUSTAINABILITY performance 19/07/14 at the Bluecoat. Working with lead artists: Trevor Stuart and Helen Statman of Cocoloco, Draw and Code and Lois Maskell Sense and Sustainability created an immersive theatre experience at the Bluecoat that explored ideas of environmental sustainability. - The show challenged my role as a digital artist/ animator to use alternative spaces in unique ways with feedback: 'Jordan's response to the brief was thoughtful and imaginative. He formed a clear idea of which animations he wanted to produce early on and began work almost immediately. He came up with the idea to create the carriage with an animated 'journey' in it's window, and acted on getting this made with the production team. Though he is more practiced at working alone and producing visuals in realtime for live events, he did respond well to learning different animation programmes which allow visuals to be pre-made and he took instruction where necessary. He worked on his animation frequently at our studio and enjoyed doing a few late nights with Andy towards the end to ensure he met the deadline.'