Digital Artist/ Animator | Digital Assistant | Filmmaker & Editor

Nowa Huta, Krakow. Poland 2017

Concertina sketchbook pen & ink drawing

Poznan > Gdansk > Gdynia 2017 

I am currently travelling through Poland documenting Eastern European Soviet architecture through traditional drawing techniques.

Vilnius to Kaunas 2017

Concertina book of recent observational pen & ink drawings of when I visited Lithuania.

Jordan L Rodgers

Sofia, Bulgaria 2017

Concertina book of recent observational drawings when I visited Bulgaria.

Drawing: Liverpool, 2014

New Babylon 2013

Nancy Victor is pleased to announce New Babylon, a solo show by Jordan Rodgers. The exhibition presents a technological dawn of drawing the city of the future in a new age. Where the process of creation is kinetic and mobile; the ability to draw on a hand held tablet in any location allows one to document in new ways. Addressing both what meets the eye and what the eye constructs, as a window to real and imaginary places where the extended lines of the buildings appear to have angles, which have more potential than the visible; the invisible of the building. Embarking on the current series of work presents cross-disciplinary drawing involving architectural visualisation as part of research, images and thoughts in re-shaping the sense of a designed city. Rodgers explores themes between art and technology as a means to record and document everyday journeys, drawn in the evolution of a Modern Metropolis. These include personal narratives and environmental awareness of Psychogeography specific to the location. Comparing historical, architectural and cultural influences raises questions about how far one can observe at any given moment.

Arounder Touch Drawing 2012

Initiate debate between physical observational drawing as experienced providing a fresh perspective to the city.

Live Feed Drawing 2011

The reduction and removal of barriers between national borders by observing cities through live feed monitors as a means to record what one can see. Questioning ones location in relation to what can be seen at that particular moment.